These Gummy Vitamins Made My Hair Grow Like Crazy—and They're on Sale Now

Hum Nutrition Dermstore Sale


Sarah Yang

One of my (many) anxieties or worries in life is whether or not I'll go bald (or when I'll see some drastic hair thinning). You see, the women in my family don't have the best track record when it comes to hair fullness, especially as they age. And after digging myself into a dark Google hole of articles about female hair loss being hereditary, I started worrying even more, which might have contributed to more daily hair shedding in general.

I've been on the biotin train before, and it helped, but to be honest, I'm not good at remembering to take pills. The only thing I've remembered to take often without much trouble? Gummy vitamins. Give something to me that looks like candy and I'm here for it. So when I found out about HUM Nutrition on Instagram, through friends and co-workers and on various websites (it's everywhere), I decided to try the Hair Sweet Hair gummies.

The gummies contain Fo-Ti (a traditional Chinese herb that is thought to treat the effects of aging), folic acid (helps tissues grow smooth and promotes proper cell function), biotin (a nutrient that we all know plays a big role in hair health), zinc (a mineral for healthy hair), PABA (it helps maintain your color and wards off grays), and vegan B12 (another essential vitamin). The berry flavor is pretty good and doesn't taste like chemicals—and the fact that they're heart-shaped is just a cute little bonus.

The recommended dose is two gummies daily—and while you can take them with or without food, Who What Wear's Assistant Beauty Editor Erin Jahns (who swears by them) suggested I take them with food to avoid any stomach aches. I started taking them, which wasn't hard to do because they tasted like candy and I couldn't wait to get Rapunzel-like hair. But after trying them for two weeks, I was unimpressed, because I am an impatient person in general and want instant gratification at all times. Erin told me to be patient and not skip a day, so I kept at it.


And I'm really glad I did because after almost three months, my hair feels a lot fuller and stronger. The abundance of new hair on my head is both a blessing and a curse (because I have trouble taming them). 

The only problem with these gummies? At $25 a bottle, they're not exactly cheap. Since I find they're working for me, I'm okay with shelling out that much for healthy hair, but don't think I didn't jump for joy when I found out that HUM Nutrition products are 20% off (with the code CELEBRATE) during Dermstore's Anniversary Sale, which runs from now until August 25. Dermstore is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the relaunch of its website, which will make shopping so much easier and provide consumers with skincare education and more information on dermatologist-backed brands and indie labels.

The hair gummies aren't the only ones on sale, take a look at the other vitamins from HUM that you can get at a major discount below:


While these aren't gummies, the Daily Cleanse capsules are supposed to "rid your body of toxins and reclaim smooth, healthy skin." Ingredients include organic algae, beetroot, manganese, and selenium.

After trying the hair gummies, these are next on my list to try. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, amla fruit, and vitamin E, these gummies are supposed to moisturize your skin, leaving you with a glowy look.

Made with vitamin C, L-tyrosine and rhodiola rosea, gotu kola, and vitamins B5 and B6, these capsules are meant to provide you with energy throughout the day.

We've already talked about the amazing benefits of omega-3s, so these fish oil supplements can be a healthy addition to your daily routine. Key ingredients include sardines, mackerel, and vitamin E. Reviews say that there's no fishy aftertaste with these.

HUM also makes superfood powders, too, like this mint chocolate chip blend, which is supposed to improve energy, radiant skin, and metabolism. It's suggested to mix one scoop into eight ounces of water, milk, almond milk, a smoothie, or non-citrus juice.

For easier use, HUM also has 30-day programs if you want to prep for a special event, occasion, or just because. The Runway Ready regimen has travel-ready packets filled with the brand's Red Carpet (promotes shiny hair and glowing skin) and Killer Nails (pure biotin) supplements.

If you need some help catching some sleep, this supplement is a combination of melatonin, vitamin B6, and calcium. Take 20 minutes before you go to sleep.

Drop one of these citrus-flavored tablets into your water for a daily dose of collagen and vitamin C. It can help hydrate and brighten skin, and improve skin elasticity.

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