5 Reasons Why Visiting an Infrared Sauna Will Give You More Than a Good Sweat

I'll be honest: The first time I ever visited an infrared sauna was because I was simply feeling too lazy to actually work out. I figured sweating in a small room kinda sorta counted as exercise. Plus, I already frequented hot yoga classes on the regular and can attest that nothing feels quite as euphoric as leaving a hot room knowing you fully put your sweat-wicking leggings to the test. 

Living in Los Angeles, aka home of bio-hacking gyms, CBD-infused lattes, and the infamous Erewhon market, means that my apartment is mere minutes away from the local infrared sauna studio known as Sweatheory. The posh studio, which offers even more typical L.A. activities on its menu like vitamin injections and angel card readings, makes you feel like you've walked into a wellness wonderland the moment you step in. After being greeted with a cayenne shot (to kick-start the heat, apparently), I was escorted to my own personal sauna room where I was assisted in hooking up the Bluetooth so I could listen to my favorite podcasts during my session (using your phone inside the sauna isn't exactly recommended, nor hygienic). Fifty minutes—and tons of water breaks—later, I was feeling good. Like I just went on a five-mile run and am still feeling the high good. 

Was it just the fact that I detoxed from my phone for nearly an hour and utilized the calming lavender-soaked towels given to me as I left? Or was there actually something to this whole infrared sauna thing? I decided to chat with an expert and find out. Keep reading for some of the health benefits of sweating in an infrared sauna.