3 Powerful Mantras to Inspire You This Month

Here at THE/THIRTY, we believe in the power of intention and self-love. Self-love wears many coats. Sometimes it looks like forgiveness—for yourself and for others; sometimes it looks like accountability; at times it looks like rest; other times it looks like movement. But the key to self-love in all its forms is quiet self-awareness. You have to be with yourself before you know yourself. After this self-knowledge comes acceptance and, later, love.

If that sounds like weird, hippie spiritual jargon, it kind of is. You might be thinking Uh, I live in this body and brain every day—I know my myself, thank you very much. We don’t mean your brain or your body, though—we’re talking about your soul, your spiritual self, your heart self. Call it what you will; you get the point.

It can be hard to access this self in our manic lives. Most of us don’t roll out of bed and wonder how our soul self feels today. (We should, but let’s be honest here; we probably don’t.) Instead, we need reminders—reminders to check in and think beyond our brains and our bodies. One of our favorite ways to remember is a good, powerful mantra.

To find out how to work with mantras, we caught up with yogi and THE/THIRTY contributor Alexis Novak. Read on for her tips and favorites.