The Most Instagrammable Activewear, According to an Influencer

The Best Activewear According to an Instagram Influencer



When taking great outfit photos is a significant part of your day job, knowing which pieces work best on camera practically becomes second nature—and that's as true for workout wear as it is for more elaborate street style getups. While throwing on a ratty T-shirt and leggings might be an easy option when you're running late to boxing class, there's also no reason we can't have more fun styling our activewear, and perusing the feeds of Instagram's fashion elite is a great place to start for inspiration.

But we decided to dive a little deeper by getting some firsthand tips. As a globe-trotting fashion blogger with a penchant for wellness, Pam Allier is a pro at transitioning key activewear pieces from the gym to brunch and beyond. Below, she shares the four staples she swears by for a truly double tap–worthy outfit.

A black hoodie


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"For when you need to channel your inner 'superstar moment' and don't want to be recognized—or you're just too sweaty," says Allier. "My fave is a black Balenciaga ($635)—I wear it all the time for a casual day, at the airport, etc."

A crop top

Available in sizes XS to XL.

"Every girl who works out needs some crop tops in her life," says Allier—especially since they work well beyond the gym. "They look amazing with high-waisted pants, denim, or yoga pants," she adds. "I usually wear Nike or Lululemon pieces."


Allier is happy to state the obvious. "It's my go-to piece when I'm traveling a lot and want to be comfy—and I mean uncompromisingly comfy," she says. "Whether I'm running around the city or on the beach, I always wear them." Keep it sleek and simple—a few well-placed cutouts offer the perfect amount of detail without making your outfit too busy.

An oversize sweatshirt


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Aim big—really big. "Life is better with an oversize sweatshirt," says Allier. "It's the equivalent of Saturday in a clothing piece. I wear different brands all the time—usually colorful ones."

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