Is It Bad to Work Out Every Day? We Asked a Fitness Expert

No matter if you're training for a marathon or if you're just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, knowing when, how long, and how often you should be working out is easier said than done. Sure, we can all tune in to our own bodies, judge how they're feeling, and thus adapt our fitness routines accordingly, but it's hard not to second-guess ourselves. Are we feeling too tired and worn out to train today or are we just lacking the motivation we need to hit the gym? Are we pushing ourselves to our goals or overtaxing our bodies by amping up the consistency of our workouts? They're simple questions, but the answers are quite complex.

That's why we reached out to a couple of fitness experts to find out more about the "ideal" number of times we should be training each week. As it turns out, the answers to our questions are even less straightforward than we initially thought.