What Does Jade Rolling Actually Do for Your Skin? We Asked an Expert


Herbivore Botanicals

I first became intrigued by the concept of jade rolling when my co-worker asked me if I owned one (she was practically obsessed with hers). When I told her no, she went on to say she was surprised. "It seemed like something you would definitely use," she told me.

Given that said co-worker knows my very specific coffee order by heart and my favorite places to grab lunch, I trusted her instinct and went to work digging up all the information (along with tips on cleaning up my skincare routine, another interest of mine as of late) I could find about the photogenic tool I've seen floating around Instagram.

As it turns out, jade rolling is pretty highly regarded within both the beauty and wellness spaces, and those who own one swear by its practically magical properties. But what does jade rolling actually do for you, besides being a fun ritual that can be used to wake you up in the morning? Here's what experts had to say…