Meet the Woman Who Just Launched the "Farfetch of Health Food"

The wellness industry is expanding at a breakneck pace, and women are leading the charge. Our series profiles the brand founders and influencers who are breaking the mold. Follow along as we learn about the ins and outs of their daily gigs, how they're looking to change the collective conversation, and what they envision for the future of wellness.

Not all startups are born of thunderbolts and aha! revelations. "I didn't exactly wake up and have a eureka moment as some entrepreneurs do," says Jessica Young, who was fully immersed in her work as chef and head of product at the wildly popular meal delivery service Daily Harvest when she began laying the groundwork for her latest venture, Bubble.

To that point, it might be more accurate to say that the groundwork laid itself. "I was approached by a ton of brands—big and small—who were all asking me the same thing," she says. "'How do I open up direct-to-consumer shipping for my food company?' 'How do I get customers to my e-com site?' 'We have amazing sell-through in Whole Foods or in our own shop, but we have no clue how to do this online.'" Which is when Young realized she could offer more than advice. "I knew I had a business," she says.

Young then teamed up with marketing whiz Erin Starkweather (previously of CAP Beauty) and buyer Emilia Musacchia (who cut her teeth at Barneys) to launch Bubble, an e-commerce platform that aims to serve as a direct-to-consumer marketplace for wellness brands. "Think Farfetch meets Erewhon, but available to everyone in the USA," she says. That last element is perhaps Bubble's biggest selling point, since the cream of the wellness market tends to limit itself to L.A. and New York.

Just a few weeks in, Young and her team are already well on their way to disrupting an industry that continues to move at a breakneck pace. Below, Young talks about taking the leap and gives us a look inside a typical day at a brand-new startup.