The Essential Activewear Our Editors Are Wearing This Summer

It's no secret that for a lot of us, what we've been wearing lately has veered toward whatever is comfy, cozy, easy-breezy… Insert relaxing adjective here. And I think it's safe to say that a lot of us have enjoyed the more laid-back sartorial choices of social distancing, especially if we've been lucky enough to be able to stay at home. Listen, I can't wait to get dressed up for dinner out with friends when it's safe enough to do so, but I also don't know if I can go back to wearing a bra every day.

But since that option isn't happening anytime soon, I'll take all the comfortable activewear and athleisure I can get, and I know a lot of my colleagues can say the same. So when JoyLab (the brand we co-designed with Target) dropped its latest collection for summer, I got some of our editors to try out the new pieces. Read our reviews below, and shop the rest at Target.

Candice Aman, Social Media Editor at THE/THIRTY
The Essential Activewear Our Editors Are Wearing This Summer



"My go-to workout attire has always consisted of a ratty old T-shirt and whichever pair of leggings are on top of my clean-laundry pile. But this JoyLab set, I kid you not, is slowly but surely making me into a true athleisure convert. For one, these pieces are SO soft, like throwing-on-your-favorite-vintage-tee soft. On top of that, this set just makes me feel so put-together and ready to take on my workout, even if that just means a socially distanced walk around my neighborhood."

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Audience Engagement Editor
Jasmine Fox-Suliaman



"Finding workout clothes I like is a challenge not only because I low-key despise athleisure, but also because I'm curvier, so finding leggings and bras that fit me can be a struggle. I was a bit apprehensive about how JoyLab would fit because I know I've struggled with the sizing in the past but was blown away. The fabric super soft, and I was very much impressed by the leggings, as it's rare for a pair to fit both my waist and my butt! The bra is super cute too. I'd just recommend for anyone with a larger bust or wider shoulders to consider sizing up if you're not a fan of compression."

Sarah Yang, Managing Editor at THE/THIRTY
Sarah Yang



"If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I'm not afraid of patterns or prints. So of course I had to try out this snakeskin-print set. There's something about an animal print that makes me feel more fearless and fierce, which is what I immediately felt when I put the set on. And don't we all want to feel that way when we're working out, trying to crush our fitness goals, or need some extra motivation to get moving? Aside from the fact that it made me feel really stylish, I also loved that it was just the right amount of soft, stretchy, and supportive. I did an at-home sculpt class in this set, but I can also see myself wearing it to indoor cycling, barre, and yoga classes—it's good for medium-intensity workouts."

Courtney Higgs, Associate Beauty Editor at Who What Wear



"This set is super supportive. I have some other Joylab sets in different materials that fit a little looser, so I decided to size down this time to see if I preferred a more snug fit. A snug, borderline-tight fit is exactly what I got! The bottoms are ultra high-waisted and hit right above the belly button on my short torso, which I love. I sometimes struggle with racerback-cut tops but found this one super flattering. The grated vent detail on both pieces is both stylish and functional, helping to keep air circulating even in the sweatiest poses. While I really like the way this set moves like a second skin through sun salutations, I have to admit that wearing it while lounging around the house felt a little too constricting for my taste. I'd have to size back up to make this a good sitting-around set."

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief at Who What Wear
Kat Collings



"Can I just say that I already have this set, and when presented with the option to choose among all the wonderful things JoyLab has on offer right now, I went in for a second set of this bra top and leggings? I'm not the type to stock up on multiples, but the brushed-jersey leggings and bra are just that good. When my mom felt the curiously soft material the other day, she was straight-up hypnotized and somehow procured a Target gift card so she could get her own pair. I will say it is a cozy set, so wearing it indoors among AC is fine in the summer, but for outdoor activities, this pair is better when temperatures aren't boiling. They're not crazy thick or warm but definitely a little more so than your average pair of leggings. And honestly, the thickness is part of the appeal because they do a great job at smoothing. They're also high-waisted enough, and the bra top is long enough that only a slim sliver of stomach shows. You can actually adjust the set so that no stomach shows, if desired. Though, to be fair, a jumping jack might expose a little midsection. I love the new colors added. I went for a classic charcoal gray, but for the more trend-inclined, there's a really pretty heather mocha, too. Lastly, just a note that I styled mine with a pearl necklace—that's not part of the bra top!"

Judith Jones, Market Editor at Who What Wear
Judith Jones



"I'm so in love with this chic legging-and–sports bra set. The braided strappy sports bra is very expensive-looking and so pretty in the back. I'll be styling it with high-waisted denim shorts this summer as well as the matching crisscross macramé capri leggings, which are super cute and unbelievably soft. I never want to take them off!"