The Mantra You Should Live By This June, According to Your Horoscope

Nadine Jane is an astrologist based in New York City. She can more than likely guess your rising sign on first meeting. She is not proud of the 18 lipsticks she carries on her at any given time. Catch her on THE/THIRTY each month as she reveals the insights into your wellness routine based on your horoscope. This month: Spring is in sight, and ch-ch-changes are on the horizon. Find your sign below, and adapt your reading as this month's mantra.

Your June Mantra, According to Your Horoscope


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This month, I will look not just five minutes, but five years into the future. I will dream. I will plan. I will wish. And then I’ll do what I do best! I’ll roll my sleeves up and put my thoughts into action. This month, I will plant the seeds for the future I want.


This month, I will activate my power of devotion in my closest relationships. I will devote myself to reconnecting with those who I have fallen out with. I will devote myself to being present with those who know my heart. This month, I will devote myself to those who matter most.


This month, I will allow my outsides to match my insides. I will be authentically and unapologetically myself. I will be in awe of the relationships and opportunities that grow from that place. This month, I will walk freely in my own skin—it is my season, after all!


This month, I will be aware of my patterns: both the constructive and destructive. Because I know the only way to change behavior is to acknowledge behavior. And I know there are things I must release before I can grow. This month, I will see myself as clearly as I can see others


This month, I will expand my perspective. I will share my ideas in foreign rooms, with foreign people—because I know they are my greatest teachers. Because I know that growing an idea takes a village. This month, I will ask you what you think.


This month, I will make room for my ambition—more room than I have ever thought necessary. More room than my humble nature asks for. Because underneath my logic, there is something stirring. Something worthwhile. And this month, I’m going to give it a seat at the table.

Your June Mantra, According to Your Horoscope




This month, I will say yes to the right invitations sitting in my inbox. Last month may have been quiet, but it gave me a renewed perspective on the relationships that matter to me. This month, I will have no tolerance for superficial pleasantries but all the time in the world for true connection.


This month, I will rekindle the relationship I have with my work. I know that in order for me to be inspired, it has to be authentic, so I will get curious enough to keep learning. Curious enough to ask the uncomfortable questions. Curious enough to admit I can’t know it all.


This month, I will be aware of who I need, where I need them, and how I need them. Because I can’t steer this ship all on my own. Because I know that I need their diverse perspectives. This month, I will listen to others’ feedback in order to hear myself clearly.


This month, I will create new systems. Systems that help my life function as it stands today. Because my life is quite different than it was even a month ago. The old systems are outdated. Even dusty. This month, I won’t be afraid go back to the drawing board.


This month, I will put all of my crazy ideas on the table. Out there for people to judge and critique so that I can find those other crazy people who identify with them. The people crazy enough to believe that what I have to say makes sense.


This month, I will reflect upon my dualities. Where I am strong and where I am soft. Where I am anxious and where I am calm. Where I am disciplined and where I am indulgent. So that I can integrate my beautiful contradictions in a more cohesive way. This month, I will find my balance.

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