Jessica Alba's Nutritionist Has So Many Good Secrets

Eating healthfully is so much more than "calories in, calories out." There's metabolism, digestion, macronutrients, and hormones to consider—not to mention our (very) different bodies, personal needs, and dietary restrictions and preferences. Just considering all these revolving factors can be enough to make us throw up our arms in defeat and high-tail it to the nearest Shake Shack.

But what if we told you that the science, while undeniably important, doesn't have to be so complicated? Celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque has made a name for herself on this very philosophy: She dives deep into the specifics of why and how we can feel (and as a side effect, look) our very best, but presents all that info in a totally user-friendly manner. And after building a high-profile clientele that includes the likes of Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum, and Molly Sims, LeVeque is offering up her results-oriented strategies to the masses by way of her first book, Body Love ($19). (No surprises here: It's already a best seller on Amazon.)

"I'm trying to teach you a little lesson: Love your body through food," she tells us. "Make those body-loving choices that are going to fuel your cells, hydrate your skin, calm your hunger hormones instead of deprivation, which is not love." Getting results (better skin, more energy, less bloating) doesn't have to be a complicated endeavor, nor does it have to be insufferable. LeVeque's whole M.O. is that if you're not feeling great, you need to make some changes and additions until you do.

So where to begin? We asked LeVeque to take us through some of the key pointers in her book, and they're as bookmark-worthy as we could have guessed. From avoiding the 11 a.m. energy crash to the four components you should include in every meal, read on for some serious knowledge.