KKW and Kourtney Kardashian Spill Details on Their Fitness and Diet Routines

People can say a lot of things about the Kardashian sisters, but you can't say they don't stay on top of their diet and fitness routines. The sisters are always trying something new. Recently Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian filled people in on their apps. Kim revealed her latest tummy workout routine and Kourtney shared her diet.

In a post on Kim's app called "How I Get a Flat Stomach" her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, walks through Kim's latest fitness routine. "It's so important to work out your core!" Kim writes. "My trainer Melissa and I have been doing really intense ab workouts—and even though they're SO hard, I love the end result."

Here's the play-by-play from Alcantara.