I'm Kind of Obsessed With These New Mood-Boosting Drinks


Kin Euphorics

Here's the thing: I'm a social drinker, and I love nothing more than letting loose with my friends, especially after a long work week. But as I get into my late twenties, I just can't handle a second glasses of wine like I used to. What this means for my impending thirties, I'm not sure… But in the meantime, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about a brand making alcohol-free beverages specifically for socializing. Among Kin Euphorics's offerings are the High Rhode, a concentrated elixir for adding to juices or sodas, and the Kin Spritz, a carbonated canned drink, that each boost your mood and your brain. Drawing from rhodiola rosea and nootropics like caffeine and tyrosine, these drinks balance cortisol (lowering your body's stress) and boost serotonin and dopamine (the feel-good neurotransmitters), creating a really light and energetic sensation without any of the… less than glamourous elements of drinking alcohol.

And honestly, the best part to me is that Kin Euphorics drinks taste like their own thing: they're not trying to mimic the flavor of alcohol or mask what they are. They're herbaceous and funky and tart, and they lend themselves well to incorporating additional flavors like citrus, ginger beer, pomegranate juice, and, for the evening brew, milk. Oh yeah, Kin Euphorics's PM offering! Dream Light is a blend of melatonin (the sleep signal to your brain), calming reishi mushroom caps, white passion flower for reducing restlessness, and a mix of botanicals (warm spices and chili) to regulate your digestion while you sleep. Mixing a shot of Dream Light into a cup of warm milk has replaced my bedtime camomile routine, and I'm not upset about it. Keep scrolling to shop the Kin Euphorics drinks that suit your needs.