A Yogi and Wellness Expert Shares Her L.A. City Guide

Los Angeles City Guide—The Best Wellness Destinations in LA



Danielle Acoff is a professional dancer, model, actress, and yoga instructor with a passion for holistic health. She has worked in entertainment for 12 years and uses yoga, meditation, and her love of all things movement to keep her balanced in a high-pressure industry. Keep an eye out for her articles about everything from self-care to breathing techniques. Below she names her must-visit wellness destinations in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has a reputation for being overly health-conscious and rightfully so: We have some of the most world-renowned yoga teachers, amazing vegan and healthy eats everywhere, and new fitness studios popping up on every corner (or so it seems). That's not to mention that the perpetual sunshine allows us to explore the mountains or hit the beach all year round. These are some of the reasons I call L.A. a yogi wonderland.

With that in mind, I've rounded up some of my go-to wellness destinations in the city below. No matter if you're planning a visit or live here already, get ready to drop some pins.


Wanderlust (Hollywood): While I adore many studios in Los Angeles, Wanderlust is more than a yoga studio. It's a little place to escape within the city. The beautiful design of the space extends into the classrooms and is complete with a juice bar and cafe, perfect for a post-class hang. The classes are actually the number one reason Wanderlust is at the top of the list for me. The studio offers so many amazing workshops with incredible leaders in the wellness community, as well as so many different class styles and modalities of yoga, all under one roof.

Bhakti Yoga Shala (Santa Monica): This little slice of magic is where I first began my yoga journey and is the first yoga studio I ever went to. It will forever hold a little piece of heart. Nestled in Santa Monica, these donation-based, heart-centric yoga classes will have you chanting, singing, and leave you feeling completely blissed out.

Smoothie break

Lifehouse Tonics (Hollywood and Century City): When I want a smoothie, I want it jam-packed with as much life-enhancing goodness as possible. This is where Lifehouse Tonics thrives—this is not your average green smoothie. It incorporates medicinal mushrooms and tons of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs in every cup. They're all blended to perfection and taste absolutely incredible! My favorite is the Love Shack, which has passion flower and ashwagandha to calm my mind and excite my taste buds. And if you're not sure about the different ingredients, the people who work there are so knowledgeable—you can learn a lot just by ordering your drink.

Pamper yourself

Arcona Spa (Santa Monica): Arcona is by far my favorite facial in Los Angeles, and I like my facials like I like my food: organic. The luxurious rooms and skilled estheticians spare no details when it comes to the ultimate pampering facial. Arcona has mastered the organic, active, and results-based facials that will literally make you glow. My favorite is the Organic Enzyme facial. It cleans out your pores and stimulates collagen without any harsh additives.


Sage Vegan Bistro (Culver City, Echo Park, and Pasadena): There is a multitude of vegan restaurants in L.A., but Sage Vegan Bistro is one that stands out for a gluten-free girl like myself. All of the carefully thought-out dishes are decadent and delicious with so many GF options. The ambiance is also one of the top reasons it's my all-time favorite: At the Culver City location, the outdoor seating has romantic lights and green plush trees all around, so it feels like you're eating in a secret garden. Inside, the wood-paneled walls and cozy, industrial feel make it my go-to for day or night. Also, the raw cheesecake is the best I've ever had.

Hike it out


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Sandstone Peak Trail (Malibu): While L.A. is a wonderland, sometimes you need to take a step away from the city noise and connect to nature—and get a great workout in the process. The best way to do this for me is to go for a long hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. My favorite hike of all time is Sandstone Peak: While the hike itself is rather challenging, the views are spectacular and so worth it when you get to the top.

Break a sweat


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Hot Pilates (West Hollywood): Being a yogi, I love the idea of getting on my mat and doing the work. That's why I love Hot Pilates—I get a great workout and sweat out those toxins without the use of any heavy machinery. Not only do I see results in my physique but also in my posture and skin! My skin has actually gotten smoother since I've been taking regular hot pilates, and I've also seen huge benefits in my yoga practice too. This studio is one of my favorites because it's super clean, the teachers are great and the class size is small. I call that a win-win-win.

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