Let's Talk About "Love Your Body Day"


Girlfriend Collective

People are always shocked to hear that I am not exactly on board with the body positivity movement. As someone who not only writes about wellness but has also recovered from an eating disorder, it's easy to assume that I have since "seen the light" and now champion the beauty of body diversity 24/7. That much is true, but it's also not the same thing as body positivity.

The key issue I have with this movement—though I sympathize deeply with its intent—is that I simply find it unrealistic to demand that we adore our bodies all the time. And in my experience, I have found that body positivity only loads additional pressure onto the relationship we have with ourselves: When we inevitably aren't feeling so hot on a given day, we feel guiltier for not feeling hot, no matter what.

That is the key distinction here: Love is not the same thing as positivity. Love, as we know, is often ugly. It can even be unbearable at times. But it's a commitment nonetheless to weather the highs and lows unconditionally because in the end, that's what makes it—and us—beautiful. I love my body. I don't always like it. But practicing this kind of awareness has allowed me to observe the negativity without judgment and move on with my life until I'm feeling great again. This mindset has liberated me from near-constant fixation.

Now I prefer the term "body neutrality."

It's a relevant discussion to bring up today in particular, as October 18 marks Love Your Body Day. With that in mind, we invite you to think about this loaded topic and how it applies to your own relationship with your body. Want more food for thought? Peruse some of our favorite stories on the subject below.