Nutritionists Agree: This Is the Healthiest Holiday Drink at Starbucks



Next to hot cocoa and mulled wine, there's no beverage that's more quintessentially "holiday" than those served in Starbucks's signature red (or green?) cups. The experience may not scream warm, fuzzy holidays—long lines, misspelled Sharpie names, and disgruntled customers—but ahh, that first sip of a hot and foamy gingerbread latte: Christmas in a cup.

But with these sweet, seasonal beverages comes a lot of concern about their nutritional value: a Grande Eggnog Latte has as much fat as 2.5 glazed donuts. Drinking all that fat just seems wrong, doesn't it? Fortunately, there are a few holiday Starbucks drinks that aren't off-limits, and according to a few top nutritionists, one drink reigns supreme above all others (nutritionally speaking). Keep scrolling to find out which drink causes the least guilt!