Meet the Macrobiotic Diet: A Plant-Based Lifestyle That Helps You Live Longer

It's legitimately impossible to keep up with all of the diets floating around. There are so many. It's hard to decipher what's right for you in the long run. However, the methods that transcend traditional weight-loss goals or fad diets and are more reminiscent of positive lifestyle changes warrant recognition. This is where the macrobiotic diet comes in.

"The macrobiotic diet was established in Japanese monasteries hundreds of years ago to cure illnesses and has evolved from a once very restrictive diet into a holistic approach to health and well-being," explains nutritionist Tamara Rausch, who is the product manager for international wellness company Lycored. "The main idea is to balance the yin and yang elements of food and major principles including reducing animal product, eating locally farmed and seasonal foods, and consuming meals in moderation. The founder, George Ohsawa, introduced the oriental concept of health to Westerners in the mid-20th century when he moved from Japan to Paris. Macrobiotics goes even one step further and touches the body, mind, and emotions within an individual."

Ed. note: Please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes.