Your March Wellness Horoscopes Are Here

Nadine Jane is an astrologist based in New York City. She can more than likely guess your rising sign on first meeting. She is not proud of the 18 lipsticks she carries on her at any given time. Catch her on THE/THIRTY each month as she reveals the insights into your wellness routine based on your horoscope. This month: Spring is in sight, and ch-ch-changes are on the horizon. Find your sign below, and adopt your reading as your mantra.

March Horoscopes 2018


Girlfriend Collective


This month I will regain some of the spiritual wealth I lost last year. I am going to take time to meditate. To breathe. To be still with myself. I will love myself enough to relax. Is this my natural speed? No. Is this what I need to push forward? Absolutely.


This month I will shake up my beloved routine. How? I will stretch outside my safe zone and see what happens. I will take risks. I will be open to new people. New opportunities. I will remember that it is better to fall forward than to stay standing still.


This month I will be on fire. I will accept every invitation that comes my way. And yes there will be many. I will seize all opportunities for growth at work. I will step up. I will fight. I will sleep when I die. Or I will sleep come April.


This month I will finally get to bathe in my success. I will get to ice my legs after all the work I did last month. I will embrace the praise and credit that I receive because I know I deserve it. And then I will celebrate. Let the good times roll!


This month is not just going to be about me. It is going to be about teamwork and partnership. What do I need from others that I cannot offer myself? I will team up with the right people. I will give my all to them and expect the same back.


This month I am going to love more. I am going to let it in and give it out. I am going to honor my true feelings. I will not let fear block me from connection any longer. I will stand strong in my vulnerability. And my, how beautiful that will be.


This month I will share my creativity with the world. I will sing it from the rooftops. I will not hide away. I will show everyone the light that I have been storing within me. I will spread it like magic. I will inspire others by embracing the artist within myself.


This month I will take the road less traveled. I will use my sixth sense to guide me through unfamiliar territory in my personal and professional life. I will know that I am on the right path if I am uncomfortable. I know that with great discomfort comes immense growth.


This month I will focus my energy on friendship. I will reach out to those who matter most. I will show them that they are like family to me. I will remember that having a home base is the emotional security I need to embark on my next adventure.


This month I am going to get to work on the next big thing. I am going to start climbing that hill. I will not tire. I will not complain. I will take it step by step. I will remember that I was built for this kind of work.


This month I am going to put my brain to work. I am going to think outside the box. Or rather, I am going to throw away the box entirely. I will take risks because I know that I am made to. Despite my fears, I will push things forward.


This month I am going to confront the reality of my relationships. Which relationships are draining me? Which relationships are blocking my happiness? I will be honest in my reflection. I will not submit just because it is easier. I will have the strength and courage to ask for more. For better.

Now that you're armed with your March horoscope, go forth and conquer the month.