Watch: Model Martha Hunt Shows Us How She Gets Her Victoria's Secret "Angel Abs"

Martha Hunt, like all of her fellow Victoria's Secret Angels, has the kind of slim, toned abs that require regular healthy eating and rigorous honing to maintain. 

While healthy eating involves lots of hydration and fruits and vegetables, you still have to consider the exercise portion of what we will call the "ab equation." For that, Hunt (along with many other models and celebs) depends on Ballet Beautiful, which is a ballet-inspired workout program designed to achieve long and lean muscle. This long and lean muscle is exactly what a supermodel—who is preparing to walk down a runway in nothing but lingerie and ornately crafted angel wings—desires. 

Ballet Beautiful was developed by Mary Helen Bowers, a real-life ballerina who used to dance in the New York City Ballet (she gives us major #fitspo). Here, she leads Hunt through an ab workout routine to show us how we can train like a VS Angel on our own. To see Hunt run through her ab training routine and hear Bowers's tips and tricks, watch the video