Warning: These Matcha Smoothie Recipes Are Crazy-Addictive

Have you hopped on the matcha train yet? You've probably come across this Instagrammable green tea powder in every single health store and cool coffee shop you go to because it's that good. Buried inside of this ancient Chinese and Japanese powder are powerful antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamin C, all of which have incredible skin and health benefits.

People can't get enough of this green drink because of the impact it can have on your physical and holistic health. Speaking of physical health, studies show that this green tea drink can help you burn more calories and shed fat. The real question is, what can't matcha do? It's proven to be anti-aging, boost your metabolism, give you radiant skin, and give your overall mental health a positive boost

The caffeinated properties within matcha, like L-theanine, can also substitute your morning cup of coffee. There are so many delicious ways to incorporate this tea into your diet, and one of our favorites is a matcha smoothie. Not sure what to throw in your blender? We scoured Pinterest for the easiest, most mouthwatering matcha smoothie recipes. Your mornings will be done right with one of these matcha smoothies. You can also snap a good Instagram picture while you're at it (priorities, you know).

Scroll on for the best matcha smoothie recipes to add to your grocery list.