Maude Is Making Gender-Inclusive Sex Essentials That Are 100% Shame-Free

A few weeks ago, the internet nearly burst when The Atlantic published a cover story about the great sex recession and how millennials are struggling with intimacy. Following the release of this not-so-sexy study, I attended a launch event for Maude, a gender-neutral sex-essentials brand determined to simplify your sex life with high-quality products that both look and feel good. Established in 2017, the company is a collaborative passion project co-founded by Éva Goicochea and Dina Epstein.

Maude currently offers consumers a waterproof vibrator, organic aloe and silicone lubricants, natural latex condoms, and a newly released massage candle. Aside from having specific functions to enhance all sexual activities, the minimal design of the products makes them discreet to the point where someone might feel comfortable enough to leave any of the items out on display in their home rather than hiding everything in a secret sex drawer in the privacy of their bedroom.

Of course, that isn’t a happy accident. This less aggressive approach to a modern product presentation is one of the main objectives that Maude is fully committed to achieving.

“Beyond making the products [simpler and more neutral], fundamentally it is about changing the culture of sex, and that starts with the approach of the industry and companies like ours,” said Epstein. “So that’s our mission: to make sex and all that that means better for all people through quality, simplicity, and inclusivity.”

Goicochea and Epstein recently spoke to The/Thirty about building their brand and developing this mutual interest in improving the sexual wellness space. Scroll down to dive into the stimulating conversation.