My Mental Health Checklist: 4 Self-Care Strategies That Work for Me

While getting here has not been easy by any means, I know now that my own experience with anxiety has been invaluable to my growth as a person. Learning how to field this condition on a daily basis has forced me to learn the ins and outs of myself—the good, the bad, and often the ugly—and has led me to a new plane of self-acceptance I didn't think possible just a few years ago. For that, I am grateful.

But I also know that my journey has taken a lot of work, that it's never linear, and that it's highly personal. I still have those inevitably shitty days in which the self-care strategies I've carved out for myself fall short. In fact, understanding that there's never a neatly packaged "solution" for the messy, complex inner-workings of my mind has probably been my most critical aha moment thus far. That said, I won't pretend that figuring out the tools that allow me to not just get by, but thrive on a daily basis hasn't made all the difference.

Again, mental health should always require a highly individualized approach, so these strategies might not be the perfect fit for the next person—and that's okay! But I've found that experimenting with different solutions is the best way to figure out that personalized checklist, and in my experience, these rituals are consistently solid options for checking in with myself and keeping my anxiety at bay. Read on to see what they are.