Mindfulness: What It Really Means and How to Practice It

Mindfulness is so hot right now. The proof is in the hashtags. Search #mindfulness on Instagram, and you’ll come across over 10 million photos of motivational quotes, serene nature shots, and photogenic yogis. For context, that’s 2.5 million more posts than you’ll find for #greenjuice.

And while trendy does not always equal worthwhile, in this instance, we think there’s something powerful behind the movement to examine your state of mind. On a broad level, we get the concept of mindfulness, but lately, we’ve been feeling called to examine the idea on a deeper level. What does it really mean? What does it look like in practice? Why does it matter?

To help us take on these questions, we reached out to Shiva Rose, wellness guru and creator of the all-natural skincare line Shiva Rose Beauty. Read on to learn what mindfulness is—and how it can shape your life.