31 Things to Do Instead of Checking Your Phone

If we live in an era of intense FOMO, it's probably because our lines of communication are more expansive than ever: If we're not thinking about replying to a text, it's our inbox or our Instagram feed, or Twitter's hyperactive news cycle. It's no wonder that we've become hardwired to reach for our phones every 15 minutes or so, especially when our brains see incoming messages and likes as a dopamine-boosting reward.

Un-learning the habit won't happen overnight—just stopping yourself in the act is a big first step. But it's much easier when you divert your attention to something positive, like listening to a favorite song or even getting up and going for a walk (sans phone, of course). That's science: Our brain needs a reward to form a habit, so the point is to switch that reward from an Instagram scroll to something more mindful.

For that, we have you covered. Below, you'll find 31 mindful activities to try the next time you feel the itch to log on. Pick one… and put your phone down. (We'll catch you on the flip side.)