How Miranda Kerr's Self-Care Ritual Helps Her Glow From the Inside Out


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These are likely the things that come to mind when we think of Miranda Kerr: her phenomenal run as one of the beautiful Victoria's Secret Angels and her roles as a supermodel, a CEO, and a mother. But what some of you may not know is that she’s also the real McCoy in the health and wellness game. 

Her line, Kora Organics, has been around since 2009, and it was the first to be deemed certified organic before the big boom in clean beauty. Yep, she’s true to this clean-skincare game, not new to this. Kerr considers herself a lifelong learner—as we all should aim to be—but she’s also got the title to prove it. In fact, she’s a life coach and a certified integrative health coach who has a deep passion for spreading her light in order to teach others how to spread theirs.

Although she’s an OG when it comes to clean skincare, she recently launched the Kora Organics bodycare line. In an oversaturated market of skincare brands, Kora Organics’ conception and ideation is intentional, and every product is unique as it pertains to inclusive wellness. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s a relief to hear about and consume a line that’s not only good for our skin but that is also good for our overall well-being.

At Create and Cultivate’s recent Wellness Means Business event, I got to sit down with the supermodel, supermom, and CEO to talk about all things wellness. Kerr’s passion for wellness is engrained in all of her products with the ultimate goal of reminding us that taking care of ourselves from the inside out is a major key when it comes to our health. But it doesn’t stop there. She was very candid about how mindfulness is necessary in her self-care routine, reminding us that “the power is with the present, and it’s important to try to stay where you are.” 

As someone who grew up watching her on the runway, I left our conversation loving her more than I already did as a child, and I was absolutely in awe of her powerful mindset. We talked about everything from the healing energy of crystals, the power of our thoughts, and our shared love for potatoes.

Keep reading to see what she had to say about how she nurtures her mind, the inspiration behind the new bodycare line, and all of her natural beauty secrets. Disclaimer: She’s one of us, y’all.


Courtesy of Miranda Kerr

What is your wellness routine?

In the morning, I wake up at 5:00 a.m., and the babies sleep till 7:00 a.m., so it gives me enough time to give back to myself and fill my cup. I’m more of a night owl. I had to train myself to be a morning person. I have 32 ounces of water at room temperature, and I’ve been doing yoga and meditation since I was 18. I use this app Kundalini Lounge for a 12-minute yoga flow. I do it as a minimum to start. I’ll do that, and it gets me in a zone.

From there, I’ll do my workout from my bedroom. Sometimes, I get 30 minutes or 45 minutes in, and then I have my celery juice. It’s been a savior for me for the energy, detox, and my skin. The kids have celery juice, and I do a Medical Medium smoothie that’s a heavy-metal detox with wild blueberries. It has spirulina, banana, fresh orange juice, and it’s really good. Instead of giving them oatmeal, I make fresh oatmeal with oat milk and a banana in the blender, and I make pancakes out of that. Then I get them ready for school. That’s how my day starts, and when I come back, I’ll get into my work. … At the end of the day, I go on a family walk.


Courtesy of Miranda Kerr

What’s your favorite workout?

I do the 45-minute workout. I do Tracy Anderson and Megan Roup. With Tracy’s workout, you can do online workouts, and it’s the same with Megan. That’s what I’m into at the moment. You can sculpt your arms and focus on your abs. If I can do 45 minutes, I will do Tracy. If I need a quickie ab or butt workout, I’ll do Megan Roup. Then obviously, yoga since I’ve been practicing since I was 18. I will have one session with my 11-year-old and one session with me. It’s a great grounding practice. 


Courtesy of Miranda Kerr

You’ve talked about nurturing your mind as a form of self-care, so what does that look like for you?

Every thought affects us on a cellular level. It’s something that I’ve learned, but it’s also something I feel. We can choose our thoughts, and when we do, we can help transform our reality so we have the power over our lives. We need to remember that, which is why every single Kora product has a powerful word on the back. I try to connect the words with each product. Anything from love and beyond is where we want to be with our state of mind, and to get there, we have to practice forgiveness, acceptance, and peacemaking.

One of the products (mushroom cleanser) has “forgiveness” on the back of it. When you cleanse your skin, you’re cleansing your spirit. I do the peacemaking prayers while I’m cleansing my skin. It also contains essential oils to help soothe your skin and your senses. I’m very particular about what essential oils go with which products, what word is on the back, and which crystal is infused in the bottle. It’s a deeper layer of Kora. The [Milky Mushroom Cleansing Oil] has an essential oil blend that is anti-anxiety and very calming. It’s soothing for your skin and spirit. I’m thinking 360 all of the time with every single product. There’s also a Minty Mist that has palo santo that clears your energy as well as peppermint and an aquamarine crystal. 

Speaking of glowing from the inside out, what is your top beauty and wellness secret? Is there something you eat every day to glow?

Noni is something I’ve been drinking since I was 13. It’s full of over 100 vitamins and minerals. It works on a cellular level to normalize the cells. Kora makes the powder. It’s a certified-organic supplement that I take. It gives you natural energy, and it has prebiotics as well. 

How do you prioritize self-care?

Taking little moments to ground myself—even going outside and putting my hands out to feel the light of the sun. I take a second to connect with nature. I take my shoes off and put my feet in the ground to be connected to the earth to reenergize. The energy of the sun and earth can transport me. For instance, right before I went on stage, I visualized the sun coming through my hands and my feet being connected to earth and getting the energy of the earth so I can spread my light so I can energize others to spread their light. The power is with the present, and it’s important to try to stay where you are. As a parent, sometimes that’s challenging, but you have to trust.


Courtesy of Miranda Kerr

What is your skincare routine?

I use the turmeric scrub in the shower. The Milky Mushroom is great for removing makeup. I double-cleanse with a rich moisturizer if you have drier skin. If you have oilier skin, use the algae moisturizer. It’s still moisturizing. We have an eye cream, eye oil, and a certified-organic vitamin C serum. It has the kakadu plum, which is the highest natural source of vitamin C.

What is the biggest inspiration behind the bodycare of Kora Organics?

The biggest inspiration is taking care of our body as much as we are our face because our skin is our largest organ, and the skin on our body is the largest surface area. Our biggest body products were inspired by our best sellers. The Milky Mushroom Cleanser inspired our body wash, which has the mushrooms in it to cleanse the body and spirit. Our scrub is inspired by our award-winning turmeric facial scrub. I used to use it all over my body, and I got feedback from a dermatologist who was prescribing face scrub for people to use on the back of their arms, and that inspired me to make a body scrub. There’s rosemary and peppermint in it. It’s a great ritual in the shower once a week. The body lotion is inspired by our Active Algae Moisturizer, and it has the algae that’s extremely hydrating. I use it on my whole family. I also use body wash and lotion on my whole family. I even wash my kids’ hair with the body wash. 

You speak of following the 80/20 rule and how we all need balance when it comes to diet. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love chocolate, and I also love french fries. I just love potatoes, especially in my air fryer. Put a little sea salt and yum!

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