5 Common Mistakes That Are Slowing Down Your Metabolism

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The sheer scope of oddball tips on the internet suggests that my metabolism is something I have to essentially trick into firing on all cylinders. I've sprinkled cinnamon on my morning oatmeal in the hope that it'll kick it up a notch; I've experimented with interval training; I bought into the MCT-oil craze. But ultimately, what I've learned—both through my own experience and in talking to experts—is that an efficient metabolism doesn't need to be so complicated. In trying to hack the system, many of us often overlook basic mistakes that are slowing it down.

First, some biology 101: Our metabolism is the biochemical process by which our body breaks down fuel and converts it into energy on a cellular level. Generally, when we talk about our metabolism colloquially, we relate it to our digestion—probably because that's where we tend to notice it the most. A sluggish metabolism can have an impact on our daily energy levels, ease of digestion, and ability to lose fat. But that's also why revving it up can be as simple as tweaking your diet and exercise habits.

Below, find the most common mistakes that lead to a slow metabolism—as well as expert advice on how to reverse it.