This Model's Arm-Sculpting Workout Is a Must-Try

While we typically have to implore models for their wellness and beauty secrets, Alexandria Morgan is eager to share it all on YouTube—and has quite the following to show for it. The model, who has appeared in coveted Guess ads and the pages of Vogue Mexico, frequently posts videos about everything from anxiety to her haircare routine. Most recently, she took to her channel to share her favorite arm-sculpting workout.

No personal trainers or boxing gyms necessary here, just some dumbbells and a working knowledge of a plank. Morgan's routine might not necessarily be easy in practice, but it is easy to comprehend. Best of all, it's highly portable—you can zip through it from the semi-cramped "comfort" of your studio apartment or in a hotel room on your next vacation.

Watch Morgan's arm-sculpting routine in the video below.