The Best Workout Socks to Keep Your Feet Dry and Blister-Free

16 Moisture-Wicking Socks for Women to Wear During Workouts


Ivan Gener/Stocksy

There's one thing that I didn't give much thought to when I was getting dressed for workouts—my socks. It's understandable, right? There doesn't really seem to be that much to them. You just decide what kind of length you want, whether it's an ankle cut or crew or no-show or something else, and that's pretty much it.

But I'm here to tell you something I've learned: Not all socks are good for exercise. When it comes to the best socks for workouts, you're going to want something that's cushioned for support and sweat wicking so your feet can stay dry and odors can be kept at bay. Sure, you can pair any socks with your sneakers, but why do that when you can optimize comfort with your sweat sessions? You don't want to be thinking about how sweaty your feet are or how your shoes are rubbing against your skin and creating blisters during your workout.

Take a look at some of the best moisture-wicking socks for women below and keep your feet happy.

These knit socks are smartly engineered for breathability and cushioning.

Nike's moisture-wicking socks have top mesh panels so your feet don't overheat and no-slip cuffs so they'll stay in place.


Designed for medium- to high-impact workouts, these socks will get you through anything. Even better, one pair purchased equals one pair donated to a shelter.

Eight pairs of socks for $12? Now that's a deal! These heel-tab athletic socks feature a comfort toe, arch stability control and support, a cushioned sole, and mesh ventilation.

Lululemon's Power Stride Tab Socks are made for running and training. They have a 3D knit design that allows for stretch, cushioning, and molding to your feet. Plus, there's 360-degree arch support.

If you prefer a low-cut option instead of an ankle-length one, try these from Outdoor Voices. 

You can wear these moisture-wicking socks to the gym and even all day long—they're that comfortable. They feature arch-supporting ribbing and a cushioned tab to protect the heel.

Adidas's no-show socks have arch support and breathable mesh.

These running socks will cover your ankles and ensure comfort with every stride. The knit is super breathable too.

Overheating is not an option with these socks. They feature a cooling technology with strategically placed mesh ventilation, so you can be cool and comfy during your workout.

Here's another option if you don't want something that's no-show. They're breathable and super cozy.

Feetures's no-show socks have targeted compression, which will feel like these were made for you. They're also designed to reduce any opportunities for blisters.

The cotton fabric on these socks is lightweight, and there's compression around the arch for support and comfort.

Bandier's ultra-low-cut socks will look super sleek with your workout sneakers.

Pair these above-the-ankle socks with your hiking boots to keep your feet dry and cushioned.

And if you want something that's a longer length, these socks from Nike will do the trick. They feature targeted cushioning and ribbed arch support. Plus, they're made with Nike's Dri-Fit moisture-wicking technology.

More Sweat-Wicking Workout Accessories to Shop

Keep the sweat and hair off your face with this sleek headband. It also has a trendy cinched-center detail, which gives it a unique look.

You don't have to struggle to fit your ponytail into your cap anymore—this breathable hat features an adjustable open back just for that. 

These hair ties have a no-slip or rip grip, and they'll withstand any sweaty workout.

You don't have to worry about slipping on your yoga mat thanks to this sweat-absorbing towel.

Made with four-way stretch and sweat-wicking fabric, this headband is perfect for training or those sweaty HIIT sessions. It's also equipped with Silverescent technology, which stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria.