An Herbalist Explains the Best Crystals to Boost Your Mood



Crystals are sparkly, colorful, and alluring without a doubt. They look gorgeous anywhere you sit them. But besides the exterior beauty, what can crystals do for you internally? A lot. "Crystals have powerful mood-boosting properties," says Andrea Barone Sazwan, who is a chartered herbalist, reiki master healer, and founder of Crystal Hills, a crystal-infused skincare line.

In fact, mood-boosting crystals have been used for centuries. "The ancient Egyptians used a variety of crystals for various purposes such as healing, protection, and guidance," explains Sazwan. "Ayurvedic medicine in India has information on crystals to help with emotional and physical imbalances in the body. Throughout history, the use of crystals can be found in various cultures. Furthermore, the importance of gemstones for our well-being is even referenced in the Bible, where they often symbolize health and godliness."

Sazwan notes that more recently, crystals have been used in the practice of elevating someone's mood if there is an area that's out of alignment. "Crystals can align and heal the subtle energy channels of the body," says Sazwan. "It's also believed that crystals are able to offer vibrational healing, based on the idea that everything has its own unique vibrational frequency. When a crystal is placed near a person's energy field, the unique vibrational properties of the crystal transfers to the body, creating balance where needed."

We're all human, which means we have a lot of moods. Feeling some type of way at this very moment? There's a crystal that will elevate your frequencies. Her advice when searching for crystals is to not overthink it. "Initially, it is a good idea to look for crystals that you are intrinsically drawn to, as we inherently know what is good for us. For instance, a certain crystal may catch someone's eye, as their inner guidance knows that it can assist them with a particular situation in their life," she says. Sazwan shares every mood-boosting crystal to keep close below.