6 Herbs That Can Turn a Bad Mood Around



While we're big proponents of ultimately embracing a bad mood, we also get it. Sometimes, it's worth pulling out all the stops to feel better (like when duty calls at the office, for example). This is where herbs can come in handy. Replacing one of your morning cups of coffee with a potent tea or tincture might sound like the stuff of witchcraft, but science tells us that it's a highly effective way to assuage stress, brain fog, and the general blues.

To get the download on the best herbs to combat just about any kind of bad mood, we turned to Renee Rosenfeld, a Portland-based naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. Before diving in, she just offers one crucial word of caution, and that's to always consult a doctor if you're already taking any kind of medication before adding herbs to your routine. "Some herbs are contraindicated when using pharmaceuticals at the same time, so it's best to have a licensed professional on your healthcare team to help you explore herbalism safely," she says.

Even if outside medication isn't a factor, know that plant medicine is still incredibly potent, so it's best to start slow either way. "Teas and tinctures are wonderful ways to start using herbs," says Rosenfeld. "Taking herbs via tea is the second most traditional and ancient way of ingesting herbs! Tinctures are wonderful too. They are a great vehicle for absorbing and assimilating the medicinal properties of the herbs."

Keep reading to learn about six herbs that can help tackle anxiety, fatigue, and more.