This Morning Stretch Routine Will Get You Off to the Best Start

If you wake up the way I was once wont to do, then your morning goes something like this: You roll out of bed after hitting snooze one too many times, yawn, wipe the sleep from your bleary eyes, hit the brew button on the coffee pot, and start getting ready for work. I've always been one of those night owls who have trouble waking up early to do anything productive. In fact, if it were up to me, and rushed weekday mornings weren't a thing, I would spend more of my time scrolling aimlessly through Instagram as opposed to jump-starting my day.

Of course, said aimless scrolling results in tiredness and a general feeling of cloudiness and unpreparedness come work time… which is why long ago, I resolved to switch up my morning routine (or lack thereof). I wanted to wake up (i.e., drag myself out of bed) early enough to establish some semblance of a wellness routine, one that would include journaling, reading, and stretching, too. Take it from Dana VanPamelen, co-founder of Hit House in New York City. "Instead of hitting snooze," she says, "take those extra morning moments to move gently through a stretching sequence. Even 10 minutes before your cup of coffee can help get you into a positive morning mindset and routine."

Here's the thing, though. I didn't want to just do just any stretches. I wanted an expert-recommended routine so I could keep myself accountable and feel like I was actually accomplishing something—not just sleepily fumbling around on a yoga mat at 7 a.m. Luckily, a few wellness experts were kind enough to share some advice.