The Best Mother's Day Wellness Gifts That Are Probably Already on Her Wish List

Let's be honest, we should be celebrating mothers every day of the year considering how much they do for us daily. But we'll still take Mother's Day as the perfect opportunity to shower our moms, grandmothers, and more with some extra love. We recognize that not everyone has a conventional mother to celebrate with, but we encourage you to spend the day letting anyone special to you know how much you appreciate their care and guidance.

If you're scrambling to find the perfect gift for her (or you're simply sick of sending the usual bouquet of flowers), keep scrolling for some of our favorite wellness gifts we know she'll love. 

A New Activewear Set

Whether your mom's an avid exerciser or simply appreciates something cozy to run errands in, we guarantee she'll enjoy this extra addition to her closet. These printed leggings are perfect for spring and are so affordable you may want to grab two pairs.

Natural perfume

Perfume isn't something people typically think of when switching to green beauty, but it should be. Studies show that ingredients found in many fragrances are human endocrine disruptors and are toxic to our body. This perfume has scents like frankincense, orange flower, and bergamot, so trust us, she won't miss her old stuff.

An Eco-Friendly Candle

Candles may seem cliché, but your mom is going to want to throw out her entire collection when she learns just how toxic mainstream brands can be. Try gifting her an eco-friendly replacement that still smells just as good.

Natural Wine

Mom will never be able to return to her usual bottle of vino after tasting this brand of all natural wines. Hand harvested, these wines are also low in sugar, gluten-free, and curated from sustainable farms. You can even purchase a monthly subscription so she never has to run out to the liquor store again. 

Ear Seeds

The benefits of getting acupuncture without having to leave the house? Yes, please! These gold studs look like earrings but actually stimulate reflex centers in your body to deliver health benefits such as relaxation, eased pain, and a boost in mood.

The Chicest Multivitamins

If you still get flashbacks of your mom scolding you to take your vitamins as a kid (just me?), then consider returning the favor by gifting her one of the chicest vitamin brands around. Ritual is specifically designed for women and delivers all the nutrients you need in just one dose. Know any expectant mothers out there? Try ordering a subscription of their prenatal vitamins.

Jade Roller

We've already investigated what having a jade roller actually does for your skin, and the results have all the editors adding them to our shopping carts. Since it's probably already on your mom's wish list anyways, consider gifting her one of our favorites from Herbivore Botanicals.

Wellness Subscription Box

Mom already has enough on her plate without adding shopping to the mix. The FabFitFun subscription sends boxes seasonally filled with goodies like gym bags, sleep masks, skincare and more.

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is the wellness routine your mom didn't realize she was missing. Besides exfoliating the skin, the practice assists in lymphatic drainage and circulation. 

An essential oil diffuser

They smell good, have practically medicinal properties and add a nice touch to décor. What else could mom want? A diffuser and a collection of her favorite essential oils will not disappoint.

Headspace Subscription 

There are countless benefits to adding a meditation practice to your routine such as better sleep, reduced anxiety, decreased blood pressure and more. Headspace is by far one of our favorite resources for meditation, and the paid subscription will allow your mom to select specific lessons that cater to her needs.

Gravity Blanket

Gravity blankets have been starting to pick up traction as one of the newest health and wellness trends and for good reason: Some consider it the ultimate anxiety reliever—and at the very least, a super-comfy addition to your home. If you need any more proof, our community has been discussing the benefits they've seen from using theirs in our secret Facebook Group.

Happiness Journal

We guarantee mom will love adding journaling to her list of hobbies (especially if, like my mom, she isn't too tech-savvy). This journal is the perfect introduction to her practice that only takes minutes a day but will boost her mood and inject more gratitude into her daily life.

Thrive market subscription

Knock one item off of Mom's to-do list by paying for a subscription to the trendy food store Thrive Market. This online-only grocery shop sells some of your favorite organic, healthy items at wholesale price, saving mom money in the long run.

Bath Salts

These bath salts are (almost) as good as the real thing. This emotional detox bath soak is made of ingredients like Himalayan pink salt and chia seed oil, giving your mom the relaxing at-home spa day she truly needs.