2 Helpful Ways to Treat Nausea During Your Period

I think we can all agree that when Mother Nature decides to come and visit, it's uncomfortable and inconvenient. Yes, it's a totally natural thing that happens to every woman, but the few days where we experience cramping and shed uterine tissue from our bodies always have us always readjusting everything in our lives to make us feel more comfortable.

And then there are some of us who get really bad side effects during our periods—like nausea. I used to get cramps so bad that I had to be picked up from school and lie in bed all day. Lucky for me, the pain that comes with the cramps never led to nausea, but according to Gunvor Ekman-Orderber, MD, PhD, a DeoDoc Intimate Skincare expert and ob-gyn, pain from cramps can lead to that sick feeling.

"There are several reasons to explain why a woman may experience nausea during their period. One of most common reasons is pain caused by menstrual cramps," says Eckman-Orderber. "Nausea can also occur from the hormonal changes in the body during the menstrual cycle."