Your New-Moon Checklist: 3 Rituals to Try Tonight



If you're into astrology or astronomy, you might know that tonight's skies pack an energetic one-two punch: The new moon in Leo coincides with a partial solar eclipse, which& is the third and final eclipse of 2018. In horoscope speak, these are both fairly transformative events to begin with—new moons are a time for setting new intentions and engaging in new beginnings, while eclipses& are all about& embracing change. In tandem, the time couldn't be more right to reflect on the areas of your life that might need an overhaul.

And that's a sensibility we can get behind even if we aren't really into astrology, right?& I've become increasingly fascinated by moon cycles in recent years, as I think if nothing else, it's a fixed, natural guideline for self-reflection. A moon cycle is 28 days long—the exact same length as a menstrual cycle, for what it's worth—which provides a perfect timeline for setting new goals and seeing them through. That's a philosophy that goes well beyond the zodiac, by the way: Ancient modalities like Ayurveda have embraced lunar& energy& for centuries.

The point is that no matter your degree of skepticism, we can all& utilize this astrological event to look inward and engage in self-care.& Below is a three-step guide to making the most of the new moon.