Nina Agdal Wrote an Open Letter About Body Shaming and Beauty Standards

No matter how progressive and positive we wish our world was, there are still way too many instances when a woman's body is offered up for unsolicited judgment and criticism. It happens all the time, whether in the political, entertainment, or athletic spheres. Take it from body positivity activists like Ashley Graham and Liza Golden, models who have both experienced and resisted this completely unwarranted negativity.

They're not the only models who have gone through it. Even Gigi Hadid, arguably one of the most famous modern-day supermodels, responded to body-shamers in an open letter posted on her Instagram. Now it's Danish supermodel Nina Agdal who is confronting the fashion and beauty industries, writing an open letter about her journey to self-confidence and how she maintains her positive body image even when other people offer up comments.