Meet the Healthier, Tastier Version of Almond Milk



Almond milk is getting some serious competition in the plant-based, nondairy section at Whole Foods. “Oat milk is so hot right now,” my L.A. friend told me a few months ago as we ordered our non-dairy lattes at Alfred Coffee. When I returned to NYC, I noticed oat milk at all the trendy coffee spots: Joe’s, Birch, La Colombe, etc. My friend was right: Oat milk is having a moment. (Don’t be surprised if you see it at Starbucks within the year.) As diets like Whole30 continue to become mainstream, people are seeking non-dairy milk options. Personally, I’m welcoming oat milk into my fridge and lattes. It has a lot going for it.

Whitney Bowe, MD, and author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin says, “My patients report that they love its creamy texture and taste that’s hard to beat.” When asked about the benefits of the new drink, Bowe says that oat milk “tends to have more protein and fiber than most almond milk options on the market.”

Brooke Alpert, an NYC-based nutritionist and author of The Sugar Detox, is also a fan. “I love the oat milk direction we are going in because when you have a good quality oat milk, you’re also getting prebiotics,” she says. “Anything that you’re doing to feed your gut in a good way is only going to be beneficial for your skin, waistline, brain health, gut health, and more.”

Oat milk is even making its way into other non-dairy products such as “oatgurt” and oat milk–based ice creams. (Counting the minutes until there’s an oat crust pizza topped with oat cheese at Trader Joe’s.) “The push is really big right now—New York is picking up on it for sure,” says Mika Manninen, founder of Hälsa, a company that makes all-natural oatgurt drinks. “Customers are always looking for something new. Soy had its moment, and I think almond is at its end right now. So the next step is some sort of grain-based product.” If you think you’re ready to try out the latest milk trend, keep reading to learn more about the drink.