This Technique Can Help You Meditate in Less Than a Minute


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While most of us can probably agree that meditating regularly is a great idea in theory, actually putting it into practice might seem like too much of a commitment—especially if you're not particularly inclined to sit still with your eyes closed for minutes at a time. (I can relate.)

But in truth, meditation can be whatever you want it to be—even if you only have seconds to spare. "Just take one 'aware' breath," says mindfulness expert Amanda Gilbert. "Try it right now: With your full attention breathe in and breathe out. That’s it—you just meditated."

This mic-drop moment might prove especially useful during those crazy-chaotic days when you feel like you can't catch your breath, much less your thoughts. Because if you can find just one minute, says Gilbert, that's more than enough time to give yourself a full mental reboot.

Below, she shares a seconds-long technique that will allow you to find instant clarity no matter how much your mind is racing.