These 13 Must-Have Travel Accessories Made Oprah's 2019 List of Favorite Things

13 of Oprah's Favorite Travel Essentials



You get a vacation, and you get a vacation, and you get a vacation! Well, maybe in 2020…

Even if taking a vacation isn't on your to-do list before the end of 2019, odds are you'll find yourself traveling somewhere for the holidays and wanting to surprise friends and family with useful, thoughtful gifts this season. And really, who better to turn to than Oprah for the ultimate in travel essentials? You can bet if it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for the pickiest person on your list—even if that's you.

Below, you'll find 13 travel items taken straight from Oprah's 2019 Favorite Things list. Even better? They're all just a few clicks away from being added to your Amazon shopping cart and delivered to your doorstep well in advance of the holiday rush. In the motivational words of Oprah, "You can have it all!"

This compact cashmere blanket is the perfect gift for almost anyone—no one likes to be cold on an airplane, and this cozy blanket is just luxurious enough that it's not something you would necessarily buy for yourself—but hey, you really should! 

Oprah knows that the key to traveling in style is being comfortable. Buy these sweatpants (and the matching sweatshirt) for you and your favorite travel companion.

Don't you hate losing just one earring in the black hole of your suitcase? Stay organized the Oprah way with these cute travel cases. 

This convertible Samsonite backpack and companion pouch are perfect for day trips or shorter excursions that require changes of clothes, snacks, and anything else you can't leave home without. 

Bring the party wherever the journey takes you with these portable Sony speakers that pack extra bass. We're definitely queuing up our Lizzo playlist for this one. 

There is absolutely no reason to spend $5 on bottled water at the airport when you could have this reusable metallic rainbow bottle on hand. Trust us—this is an in-flight game changer. Right, Oprah?

Similarly, this eco-friendly reusable travel cup is a great way to carry your coffee on the go without creating waste. Hey, it's always a good time to add supporting companies that value sustainability to your list of 2020 resolutions. 

This carry-on suitcase can fit multiple outfits for any climate and definitely won't get lost at baggage claim. 

If you're more of a weekend adventurer than a cross-country jet-setter, Calpak makes this smart duffel bag that also doubles as a great gym bag thanks to its separate shoe compartment. 

If you're a fan of the pouch system, this vegan leather tote is a sleek and chic "personal item" to keep by your feet. We especially like it in the burgundy color pictured above. 

These Bluetooth headphones promise up to nine hours of listening time, which will definitely get you over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house. (We hope!)

Oprah doesn't have the time or space to carry a hundred different chargers, and guess what: Neither do you. Keep this charging mat in your go-to suitcase and leave your tangled wires at home. 

Like Oprah, we always stash a few reusable Baggu bags in our suitcase when we hit the road. They're perfect for those extra souvenirs that tend to accumulate along the way.