We Need to Talk About the Orangetheory Class We Took in L.A. Last Week

At the beginning of June, we threw down the gauntlet for a wellness challenge—but the point, of course, was that we left the details up to you. How do you want to improve yourself? What small steps do you want to take for your overall well-being? #MyNextThirty is a social movement that encourages you to set your sights on a wellness goal—big or small—and commit to it for 30 days. Whether you're aiming to drink more water or try an intimidating workout class (the latter, in my case), the idea is to self-improve and build positive habits, one small, totally doable step at a time.

But in that spirit, we've decided to up the ante and get to know our community a little better by presenting a series of in-studio fitness events in New York and Los Angeles. Last week brought us to Orangetheory's West Hollywood studio in celebration of celebrity nutritionist and THE/THIRTY contributor Kelly LeVeque's new book, Body Love ($18). Between the tough sweat session and a highly informative Q&A with LeVeque shortly after class, the evening was certainly action-packed. Find out how it all went down below.