9 Cheap, All-Natural Period Products You Can Buy on Amazon

The three-billion-dollar period product industry (often creepily referred to as the "feminine hygiene" market—though the problematic label is likely a complaint for another day) is, for the first time in decades, experiencing a necessary disruption. Troublingly unregulated, the large companies that manufacture most of our tampons and pads are not required to disclose the ingredients used to make these products with full transparency. This is concerning because vaginas are highly absorbent, and the allergens, carcinogens, artificial fibers, pesticide residues, bleaching agents, and artificial fragrances found in many mainstream tampons (of which people with periods end up using about 11,000 over the course of their lives) can be irritating and even dangerous.

The good news is that many smaller brands are stepping up to the plate by creating safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly period products. These include organic tampons, reusable pads, and menstrual cups. Better yet, there are many affordable natural period products conveniently available on Amazon Prime. Keep scrolling to discover nine highly rated ones.