These New Custom Athleisure "Kits" Are Every '90s Kid's Dream


Outdoor Voices

You know the scene: It's 1995, and Cher Horowitz needs to decide on an outfit to wear. She turns to the trusty computer located in her closet, which has every piece of clothing she owns logged and on display for efficient mixing and matching. With just a few clicks, she's assembled the perfect outfit. It's been more than two decades since we '90s kids first witnessed this phenomenon, and it's still the stuff of daydreams.

Except that now, it's a reality—and in a very 2017 twist, it involves athleisure. Cult brand Outdoor Voices just rolled out its new OV Kits, which essentially brings Cher's closet computer to life, but with lots of spandex: For a fixed and slightly discounted price (starting at $100), you mix and match tops and bottoms in different styles and colors on the brand's site to ultimately customize your perfect workout uniform.