These New Custom Athleisure "Kits" Are Every '90s Kid's Dream

Outdoor Voices OV Kits - Athleisure Review


Outdoor Voices

You know the scene: It's 1995, and Cher Horowitz needs to decide on an outfit to wear. She turns to the trusty computer located in her closet, which has every piece of clothing she owns logged and on display for efficient mixing and matching. With just a few clicks, she's assembled the perfect outfit. It's been more than two decades since we '90s kids first witnessed this phenomenon, and it's still the stuff of daydreams.

Except that now, it's a reality—and in a very 2017 twist, it involves athleisure. Cult brand Outdoor Voices just rolled out its new OV Kits, which essentially brings Cher's closet computer to life, but with lots of spandex: For a fixed and slightly discounted price (starting at $100), you mix and match tops and bottoms in different styles and colors on the brand's site to ultimately customize your perfect workout uniform.

Right off the bat, you choose a clothing category based on your workout habits: Yogis and dancers might opt for the Studio Kit, for example, while distance runners and hardcore athletes might prefer the Tech Kit. I opted for the Rec Kit, since I'm a little multidisciplinary—I typically split my time between long hikes and the yoga studio, so I wanted something a bit more versatile.

Then, the fun part: Mixing and matching. Depending on the clothing category you chose, you get a different variety of sports bras, crop tops, and different cropped leggings. While I was tempted to play with different color combos, I saw this all-gray number—which either screams "fitness influencer" or "Kylie Jenner"—and decided to indulge my Instagram feed. What would Cher Horowitz do? Wouldn't her decision-making hinge on double-tap potential?


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Et voilà—about a week later, my completed ensemble arrived on my doorstep, and I made a beeline for my usual hiking route with some photo-capable friends in tow.

As always, the brand's ultra-flattering styles and sweat-wicking fabrics impress—that almost goes without saying at this point. But aside from the sheer nostalgia factor, the real plus of the kits is that you're really taking the time to tailor your workout wear to your lifestyle and personal preferences—and it's ultimately another way to make your workouts that much more enticing.

And don't we all just want to be Cher?

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