How an Instagram Influencer Stays in Shape on the Road


Courtesy of Pam Allier

As you've likely garnered from your Instagram feed, one of the more covetable perks of being a digital influencer is the opportunity to travel the world. But as designer and IG style queen Pam Allier has learned, spending so much time in planes and hotel rooms can put a wrinkle in maintaining a consistent fitness routine.

"Keeping my healthy lifestyle during my working trips has always been a challenge," says Allier. "At first, I went to my trips with the vacation mindset in terms of exercise, but as it has became part of my lifestyle, now exercising during my travels is part of my life."

Now that she has her routine down to a science, we asked Allier to share her key pointers for staying active on the go. Spoiler alert: It's about keeping it (very) simple.

Keep reading for her tips.