Here Are All the Leggings That Would Actually Make Me Want to Work Out

The 18 Best Pattern Workout Leggings, Hands Down


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The number one thing that makes me want to exercise is being excited about the workout itself: How fun it is that I forget I'm working out? Is the playlist full of my favorite songs? Is the instructor engaging? The second thing that motivates me for a sweat session is my activewear. For me, sometimes all it takes are a top and bottoms that make me feel confident and stylish to get me going. These days, I'm exclusively working out at home, but when I used to go to fitness classes, I would make sure I was dressed to impress. Come on, tell me I'm not the only one who thought this way.

I used to steer clear of anything too "loud" or eye-catching, but now I'm starting to embrace and experiment with activewear in unique colors. And lately, I've been going even more out of my comfort zone and gravitating towards leggings in fun patterns. When I'm not in activewear, I'm not the type of person who is afraid of prints, so I decided to bring that outlook to my workout gear. It definitely adds some excitement to my usual fitness routine!

Check out some pattern leggings below that I'm eyeing. Maybe you'll find a few to add to your own cart.

A cropped fit is perfect for warmer months. These have a high waistband that's supportive and won't ride down.

Okay, if you're not completely sold on going all out with a bold pattern, this one can be your gateway. It has some detail but it doesn't really scream, "Look at me!"

The marble motif on these high-waist leggings seems very on-trend. They're designed to maximize movement and prevent chafing.

I'm getting happy retro vibes from this floral print. The waistband has a wrap detail, which makes the piece even more unique.

These leggings are designed for running, and with this floral pattern, you'll really stand out on your neighborhood runs. The fabric is slick so you won't have to deal with friction or chafing. And you won't have to worry about overheating—it's sweat-proof, breathable, and cooling.

There's something that feels very delicate and feminine about this print. Wear these leggings to yoga, barre, or other studio classes. There's also a supportive waistband and side stash pockets.

The print on these Sweaty Betty leggings looks like an optical illusion, but not the kind that gives you a headache or is a total eyesore, of course. The ankle-length leggings have side pockets to hold your phone and keys.

Ultra-light and buttery soft, these leggings are perfect for studio classes, and it's even breathable enough for hot yoga. It has a panel in the front to smooth and support.

The speckles on these leggings have a little bit of shimmer, so I would recommend this to the person who really wants to stand out during their workout. And you'll probably want to wear this after class, too.

And if you're really into shiny details, you'll like these leggings that have foiled daisies all over. Because it's a monochromatic print, they're a subtle sparkle that depends on the lighting and your movement.

These leggings have a print in the front and are solid-colored in the back, so I guess you could call it a reverse mullet. Either way, they're cute, flattering, and most importantly, supportive.

These check leggings just give off comfy vibes—maybe because it's very reminiscent of flannel. And they don't just look comfortable, they are easy to wear. The fabric is compressive and stretchy.

For your sweatiest workouts, these Nike leggings will come in handy because they're made of the brand's comfortable and cooling Dri-Fit technology. It has a high waistband for extra comfort, seamless legs, and two hidden pockets.

The tie-dye trend is not going anywhere. These seamless high-waisted leggings will make sure you stay stylish.

Hear me out: I know this isn't exactly a pattern, but can't we classify a colorblock motif as part of the print family? These sculpted leggings are perfect for any outdoor workouts.

Designed for training, these leggings are made with Lululemon's fastest-drying fabric. The inside feels cool and sleek, while the outside has a soft texture.

You can't really go wrong with camo for your activewear. These leggings are made for medium- to high-impact workouts, and its fabric is made from recycled materials.

Your butt will look so sculpted and lifted in these leggings—they're designed for just that! They have a back zip pocket and reflective details, which are both perfect for outdoor workouts.

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