I Practiced Positive Affirmations—Here's How It Impacted My Day and Mood

Struggling with negative thoughts that perpetuate self-doubt has been an ongoing personal battle for me. I'll admit I've adopted a façade of positivity. On the outer fronts, I walk around with a permanent smile on my face, promoting the illusion that I have my shit together and feel great. Truly, though, I'm internally beating myself up about something.

It could be anything that I'm angry at myself for—something so small that I've turned into a grandiose issue in my head: You didn't respond to that email fast enough, you didn't make time to call back so-and-so, you've been saying you're going to do this one thing for the longest and still haven't done it, etc. It's like I'm constantly screwing with myself and never giving myself credit.

To foster a more loving relationship with my inner self, I began reading positive affirmations. Studies show that it can boost your feelings of self-worth. I wasn't going to say them aloud in the mirror, though; one study showed that saying them verbally has the potential to negatively affect your mood and actually make you feel worse.