10 Pro Tips We're Stealing for Going Straight From the Gym to Work

In your dreams, you wake up early, hit the gym, get ready in under five, and make it to work with a natural, dewy glow. You’re feeling and looking good. But in reality? Not so much. Your workout is intense—like, really intense—and you’re a sweaty, red mess. You don’t have time to shower, so you spend the time you do have trying to fix just one thing (sweat-matted hair, redness around your nose, runny mascara, etc.), and before you know it, you’re late to work.

If this scenario sounds a bit too familiar, you’re not alone. The majority of us aren’t blessed with a perfectly rosy post-gym glow, which got us thinking: What does everyone else do when going from workout to work in a hurry? (Aside from using a flurry of face wipes, of course—our pick is from Almay.) To get to the bottom of it, we asked the industry’s leading makeup artists and hairstylists to share with us what they do in a pinch. And as expected, they shared some brilliant one-minute tips we’re bookmarking for the next time we find ourselves sprinting from workout to work.

Don’t skip your spin class—ahead, get the scoop on how to freshen up in a flash from some of the best in the biz.

Talk to us: What are your tips for going from workout to work?