10 Beauty Products That Will Help You Cool Down After a Tough Workout

Welcome to The/Thirty's Sweat Guide, a series devoted to the art of sweating smarter—no matter how hard you're working out (or how hot it is outside). Check back for advice on the best cooling, post-workout products; editor-approved natural deodorants; and more.

The Best Cooling Beauty Products


Illustration by Haobin Ye

While you may not feel great during it, there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after completing a tough workout. Whether it's a Bari class, a morning run, or a fat-burning HIIT workout, you're guaranteed to feel good knowing that you've challenged yourself—but also probably hot and sweaty, unless you're some kind of superhuman.

That's why post-workout, it's important to hydrate, stretch, and, of course, indulge in some self-care. In this case, that means indulging in some cooling beauty products that will make you look and feel refreshed and revitalized. We've rounded up 10 of the best beauty products to help you do just that (including an infamous K-beauty mask that you'll totally want to try out). They're full of ingredients like caffeine, aloe, and cucumber that'll leave you (and your skin) feeling calm yet invigorated.

This hydrating mist contains a powerful toner formula that's infused with neroli oil, green tea, and essential oils which work to revive the skin and protect against environmental damage. Spritz some on after your workout to replenish the moisture you just lost via sweating. 

Coola's Makeup Setting Spray is ultra refreshing, just what you need post-workout. It contains aloe vera and cucumber extracts to cool and calm down your skin. Plus, it has SPF 30 so you'll get broad-spectrum sun protection too. 

Slather this cooling clay mask on after you hit the gym for an instant soothing effect. Besides clay, the formula contains snow lotus, alpine willow herb extracts, and a unique blend of active botanicals that work to absorb excess oil and refine pores. It also contains lactic and salicylic acids to help unclog pores. 

This K-beauty mask is one of the best skin-smoothing, glow-inducing products that Sephora has to offer, according to senior editor Hallie Gould. "It's oil-free, lightweight, and super glow-boosting courtesy of watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid, and gentle AHAs that tone, smooth the surface of your skin, and offer lasting hydration. Plus it smells like watermelon and feels even better." Perfect for refreshing your skin after a sweat sesh. 

Tired after your early morning workout? This Cooling Water will wake you right up. Smooth it under your eyes or all over your face, to allow its blend of caffeine, sea water, and aloe barbadensis leaf juice to soothe, energize, and de-puff your skin. 

You've probably heard of jade rolling, but ice rolling feels even better after a tough workout. Just pull it out of the freezer and roll it over your face to help calm inflammation and puffiness. 

This roll-on eye treatment will cool your under eyes to de-puff. It's formulated with hoelen mushroom extract to calm the skin and prevent redness and yeast extract to brighten your dark circles. You'll be left looking refreshed and youthful.

Hydrating herb, comfrey leaf, and elasticity-boosting pennywort herb combine in this refreshing eye cream. It promises supple, hydrated, smooth under-eye skin that's bursting with hydration.  

As you swipe this toner on, it immediately melts from a cooling gel into a water toner that absorbs into the skin. Its high-powered ingredients include bentonite clay to mattify, marshmallow and green tea to soothe, and cucumber and witch hazel extracts to tone and tighten. The formula also fights breakouts with tea tree oil and black cumin. 

Sephora calls this product "a unique solid toner that delivers an immediate boost of cooling hydration to revitalize and prep the skin for makeup application." Cucumber pulp cools and de-puffs the skin while aloe extract boosts hydration and improves radiance in this soothing Water Stick. It also contains chicory root extract, which supports collagen production and works to improve your skin's texture.