25 Genius Body Products Every Workout Fiend Should Know About

20 Post-Workout Body Products for Fitness Enthusiasts


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In the midst of a particularly hard-core workout, you're probably not thinking about the aches and pains yet to come. The ones that start to flare up when you're drenched in sweat and the shower line is unbelievably long. Or the ones you feel when you wake up the next morning practically limping thanks to extremely sore muscles.

But once you get to the locker room, you'll want to make sure to break out your stash of post-workout beauty buys sure to save your stressed-out muscles and deep-cleanse your sweat-soaked skin. Regular gymgoers, this roundup's for you: From soothing muscle gels to hydrating body cloths, these time-saving products will slip right into your gym bag.

This deodorant gel is a clean formula that's fast-drying and also contains a 5% AHA blend to optimize the pH levels of your underarms and prevent odor.

We love Sagely's CBD roll-on for headache relief, so we're excited to see that the brand also has recovery capsules for post-workout aches and pains. The formula has CBD and turmeric to reduce inflammation and soothe exercise-related discomfort.

When you don't have time to shower after the gym but have somewhere you need to be, dry shampoo will do the trick. This one will deodorize your hair and cool your scalp. 

These bacteria-fighting wipes are great for after the gym but also if you need a midday pick-me-up. It wipes away sweat and dirt, and the witch hazel and green tea extracts can help prevent acne and reduce redness.

Add this natural deodorant to your gym bag for an easy way to freshen up. It contains hops, aloe vera, baking soda, kaolin, and eucalyptus to fight odor and soothe and hydrate your armpits.

Most gym or fitness studio bathrooms don't have brushes, so don't forget to pack one with your post-gym outfit. This one is compact at just seven inches long, and it can be used for all hair types and on wet or dry hair.

Stay moisturized and soothe your stressed (and probably sweaty) skin with this rose-water mist. It's recommended to apply before you apply serum or moisturizer.

Bring this compact flat iron with you to the gym so you can quickly style your hair. It has fixed, beveled plates that make it easy to add waves or curls.

Get ready for post-workout plans with this set of travel-sized fragrances from Byredo. You can choose the scent based on your mood or where you're headed. Side note: They all have floral notes.

Just in case the gym doesn't have towels, you'll want to bring your own to freshen up and dry off any sweat. Aquis already makes a stellar hair towel, so you know this compact body towel can be trusted.

If you normally work out before heading to the office and tend to do your whole getting-ready routine in the gym or fitness studio bathroom, it's good to be equipped with some on-the-go essentials. This five-piece brush set says has everything you need for your makeup routine.

For optimal muscle recovery, you can keep a small foam roller in your car so you can bring it to the gym or studio for a post-workout stretch and massage.

If you've been exercising out in the sun, this mist will come in handy to soothe your hot and reddened skin. The all-natural formula contains aloe, mint, lavender, and witch hazel.

There's nothing like a cooling gel after a tough workout. This soothing muscle gel will instantly calm tight joints with its natural ingredients of arnica and peppermint.

Properly cleanse your skin with this 100% natural face-and-body sponge that's tiny enough to keep anywhere.

The brand says it best: These can "cleanse, refresh, and pamper" anywhere you go. If you don't have time to shower but need a quick freshen-up session, pop open one of these. It's made with gentle ingredients so you can get a truly deep clean without causing irritation.

This hardworking body scrub is free of harsh ingredients that are bad for the earth and your body. After your workout, pamper your tired muscles with this soothing formula made with Ren's special anti-fatigue essential oil.

You need to soak in this Epsom salt—it'll make your bath feel like pure heaven and can calm any stressed muscles. You'll be so ready for bed, so don't make any plans after this one.

Intrigued by the idea of a "waterless body cleanser"? Same. This fast-absorbing product vanishes almost instantly once you lather it on, and the aloe in the formula feels cooling and soothing.

When you work out and sweat a lot, so much seems to stick onto your skin, right? Instead of a twist-up deodorant, go for deodorant wipes like these—they'll offer up a thorough cleanse while zapping odor in a natural, healthy way.

If you do have time to pamper yourself post-workout, massage this shower oil on and let its plant-based extracts revive your sore muscles. You don't have to worry about fragrance irritating your skin—the formula is just about as gentle as they come.

Only have time for a brief refresh? Grab these gentle face and hand cloths for a quick fix. Made with vitamin E and aloe, they're fragrance-free and hypoallergenic—all things we appreciate in a beauty buy.

Another mist our editors enjoy after a vigorous sweat session? Dermalogica's soothing lavender-scented formula. It's formulated to layer a protective barrier on your skin to keep environmental stressors at bay.

These individually wrapped oversize body wipes are pre-moistened to help deep-cleanse your skin post-workout. Best of all, they're free of alcohol, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, and other harsh ingredients known to irritate skin.

This stuff is highly praised by Who What Wear's senior beauty editor, Erin Jahns. It's an herbal, pain-relieving gel that has a cooling-and-heating sensation because of its blend of menthol, camphor, and capsaicin. You'll be able to ease your tight muscles and pain with this creamy goodness.

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