Really: Applying Pressure to These Areas Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

"Acupressure is a healing method that has been used for thousands of years," says Sara Panton, a wellness expert and co-founder of Vitruvi, a brand that makes essential oils. "I really love using acupressure because it requires no expensive equipment, and it can be done any time of day," she adds. "Some of my favorite times to use these points is waiting in lines to get a coffee, when I'm in an Uber or driving somewhere. Acupressure relies on points all over the body that stimulate different body systems—in general, it's a gentler and less invasive form of acupuncture, which uses thin needles to stimulate pressure points." To take advantage of the helpful (and free) effects acupressure can have on your mind and your body, keep reading for Panton's sage advice. Below, the four pressure points for better sleep. 

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