This $50 Kit Provides Everything You Need for a Perfect Night's Sleep

We all yearn for a deeper and more restful night's sleep. The goal is to go to bed at night, fall asleep instantly, and stay asleep until our alarm sounds in the morning. Then we immediately sit up, smile, stretch, and go about our day. The reality, though, sometimes goes more like this: We go to bed, toss and turn for a while, fall asleep, wake up to get water, go back to sleep, hear our alarm go off, hit snooze, hit snooze again, hit snooze one more time, stagger out of bed, and make coffee. Whatever we can do to limit that second scenario from happening is something worth doing. And that includes indulging in new products that are designed to improve our sleep experience—whether that's new sheets, aromatherapy oils, or something similar.

The newest sleep-inducing product that's surfaced on our radar isn't a product at all—it's five products packaged together in a single kit. Each one works in its own special way to encourage deep and restful sleep.