Meet Qii: A Genius New Tea Drink That Actually Protects Your Teeth

We all know that the greatest accessory is a healthy smile. No matter how much we love a bold statement lip, glossy lid, or sharp cat eye, a set of strong teeth go beyond beauty; they fall into the health-and-wellness category. After all, your mouth can tell you a lot about the state of your body, which is why it's important to see a dentist regularly. (Plus, aside from providing peace of mind and preventative care, seeing a dentist will make you feel responsible. We're pretty sure scheduling our own dentist appointments is the ultimate sign of adulthood.)

A new company is taking oral healthcare into its own hands by producing a product that goes behind toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. The company, Qii, makes canned tea beverages that restore the mouth's environment in between brushing to prevent any and all damage. The product has just launched today, and it's already proving to be buzzy. Keep scrolling to learn more about this new beverage brand.

First things first: It's pronounced like "chee," and it's developed by a company called DoseBiome, a startup centered on oral microbiome research that's based in Toronto. "Innovation in oral care has been stagnant for decades," the brand's founder Ted Jin says in a press release. "We're looking to shake up the industry by introducing a new way to care for your mouth—in a delicious drink format delivered right to your

Though it won't substitute brushing and flossing, the new beverage will ensure your mouth's environment is in optimal health. "So much of what we drink contributes to poor oral health. Instead of addressing that at the end of the day by brushing, we have created a drink that restores the mouth in between brushing so that damage never begins," Jin explains. You can trust that it's effective, too. The company's xylitol-containing formulation reduces bad bacteria by up to 80%. It also keeps breath fresh and maintains a neutral pH. The pH part is important because bacteria grow in an acidic environment, which can result from drinking other beverages like coffee, soda, and juice.

So far, the good-for-teeth tea comes in two different flavors that are each brewed from certified organic tea leaves. There's the Classic Oolong Tea ($23) and the Lemongrass Ginger Green Tea ($23). Both are available on the brand's website right now and come in packs of 12.