13 Questions You Should Definitely Ask at Your Next OB-GYN Appointment

We’re not sure about you, but we never particularly look forward to a trip to the gynecologist’s office. First of all, certain tests or procedures we might undergo at the OB-GYN can have potential to be a tad physically uncomfortable (hey, annual PAP smear), but the conversations, questions, and concerns that surround our visit can cause emotional discomfort as well. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t embarrassed (or even scared) to ask our gynecologist certain questions. Sometimes, even if we’re not embarrassed, we don’t know what to ask, so we just don’t ask anything. 

Apparently, that uncertainty and guarded silence are pretty much the norm. As Michael Troy, MD and OB-GYN with the Institute for Women’s Healthtold Bustle last year, many people are reluctant to ask questions that may be deeply private or personal to them, but it’s important to remember there’s pretty much nothing you could ask or bring up to your gyno that they haven't answered or dealt with before. “We encourage our patients to work up the courage and have an honest conversation with us,” he explained to the publication. “It helps us treat our patients better, it creates a more comprehensive health picture and, most importantly, it allows you to get the answers you’re seeking from a trusted and professional source."

Additionally, and as Omnia M. Samra-Latif Estafan, MD, of Nelly De Vuyst/ BioFemme shares with me, asking questions (regardless of how scary, silly, or embarrassing they may seem) acts as a key player to preventative health, which, ultimately, is the key to your optimal health. For instance, it’s always better to ask about a concern or topic before it begs direct treatment or consequence. But again, even the most important questions seem to bear less weight if we’re too embarrassed to ask them—a barrier we’re looking to break down here at The/Thirty. Ahead, we’ve gone ahead and asked, scouted, brainstormed, and searched for all the most important (and yes, potentially squirm-inducing) questions you should most definitely ask at your next OB-GYN appointment. Oh, and we even have some answers for you too. Keep scrolling, and consider this your springboard.